A new Vermona analog monophonic synthesiser is now available for purchase.

The Vermona ’14 Analogsynthesizer has been a work in progress for over 12 months, but is finally ready to purchase. Numbers, however, are limited to just 222 units.

The product aims to create a “an uncompromising synthesizer for instrumentalists,” and is the only keyboard-based synth available from Vermona.

By blending sound design capabilities with a keyboard interface that is conducive to traditional playing styles, the brand claims to have created an “equality of haptics and sound.”

The components are based upon the circuits for its PERfourMER MKII and Mono Lancet ’15 synths, but have been “adapted and refined” for the new model.

The hand-built synth also features pitch and modulation wheels together with a built-in arpeggiator.

The Vermona 14 Analogsynthesizer is available now for €2,400, with more information available here.