Vessel will release a new album on Tri Angle Records in November, titled Queen of Golden Dogs

Queen of Golden Dogs will be Bristol-based Sebastian Gainsborough’s third album as Vessel, following 2012’s Order Of Noise and 2014’s Punish, Honey. It was conceived, developed, and rendered into life over 18 months of solitude in rural Wales, and is said to be a “marked departure” from Vessel’s previous work. An infatuation with chamber music brought about in collaboration with said violinist lover, and a voice given by singer Olivia Chaney leave strong impressions, “providing landmarks in a world that is essentially about the joys of difference,” the label explains. 

Influence for the LP comes from a range of writers, the painter Remedios Varo, and a “new love. The album is “saturated with color; oscillating between grief, bombast, and fierce joy, this is music shot through with both sincerity and irreverence,” the label explains. “We’re told to expect “an exploration of living a life devoted to uncertainty, curiosity, and change.”

I wanted to make this work to realize experiences that I thought I had already had. Quite quickly I realized that I was reaching too far, and because I wanted so much more I had to give more. I often think that the writing was mutual.” — Vessel


01. Fantasma (For Jasmine)

02. Good Animal (For Hannah)

03. Argo (For Maggie)

04. Zahir (For Eleanor)

05. Arcanum (For Christalla)

06. Glory Glory (For Tippi)

07. Torno-me eles e nau-eu (For Remedios)

08. Paplu Love That Moves The Sun

09. Sand Tar Man Star (For Auriellia)

Queen of Golden Dogs will be released November 9 (digitally) and November 23 (physically) via Tri Angle Records. The first single from the album, “Argo (For Maggie),” is available to stream now below.