Credit: Lewis Khan

Veteran American DJ-producer Amir Alexander has released a trap and hip-hop album as Ricky Spitzz.

Alexander learned to DJ and produce in Chicago, and his music has taken him through San Francisco, Berlin, and Malmö, Sweden. He released his first records through the mid-to-late noughties, pushing a rich deep house sound, and he’s since put out work on Secretsundaze and, more recently, Thomas Melchior’s My King Is Light. His second of two albums came in 2018 on Just Jack Recordings, based in Bristol, United Kingdom.

Ricky Spitzz, Alexander’s trap alias, first surfaced in 2019, and The Hour of The Time is the project’s first album. Its title is drawn from Bill Cooper’s shortwave radio show that it’s dedicated to. It aims to assist the listener in “waking up” to the true realities of the “socially engineered matrix of lies we were all born into.”

The album comes on Vanguard Sound!, Alexander’s label specializing in deep house and techno, but also any left-of-center sound.


01. Hour of The Time Intro
02. Brave New World
03. Gang-Nem
04. Ricky Spitzz!
05. Crop Circles
06. The Hour of The Time
07. Turn Up!
08. Rap Beef
09. Club Goofies
10. Stop Flaugin’
11. Magog Megiddo
12. Fly
13. Organic Robotoids
14. Who Ya?
15. Thots
16. Brooklyn (Netflix and Chill Episode One)
17. The Wolves
18. Red Pills
19. Trigger Immunity
20. 92 Til’ Infinity (Netflix and Chill Episode Two)
21. Country Girls
22. Burnt Offerings

The Hour of The Time LP is available digitally now. You can stream it below and order it here.