A new full-length by Via App will drop on Break World Records later this year.

Brooklyn-based artist Dylan Scheer (a.k.a. Via App) came onto our radar back in 2014 with her debutant release on Vancouver-based leftfield and cassette specialists 1080p. She has since made a name for herself with her freaky techno sound, also releasing on Lupin Tapes. Sixth Stitch will be Scheer’s first official full-length and her debut on Break World Records—an imprint that has so far released music by the likes of Teengirl Fantasy and Elysia Crampton.

Sixth Stitch is scheduled to hit stores this fall.

01. Far She
02. Phantom Dictation
03. Get in Line
04. Visabel
05. String Of Disappearances
06. Selector’s Confession
07. Con Artist
08. Sixth Stitch
09. Fevered Proviso
10. Narthex
11. Withered On The Vine
12. Disappearances
13. Savannah Backroads
14. Looking To The Same Sign
15. Airborne Shuffle