Russia’s beat scene is far from frigid; if anything, a listen to one of Moscow’s brightest stars, 813, will prove otherwise. The young beatsmith turned heads back in January when he dropped his Spectrum Riff EP, and before that, his helter-skelter track “Zondor Fo” was featured on Error Broadcast‘s 2010 Fly Russia comp. As of late, 813’s been coasting off of the warm reception for his recently dropped EP for Brixton label 92 Points, Blend, which we preceded with free bonus track “Pleasures” earlier this month. Now, he’s dropped a video for one of that record’s cuts: “Erotica.” The song’s spacey, ’80s-tinged vibes get a fittingly cheesy (we mean that in a good way) visual treatment, as director Daniel Swan takes viewers aboard a prismatic spaceship for a trip through kaleidoscopic dimensions.