If there’s one succinct way to properly describe the mind-bending hybrid of sound that is Battles‘ music, it might be “all of everything, all at once.” That’s at least how it feels sometimes when you’re attempting to wrap your brain around the intricately woven polyrhythms, shapeshifting time signatures, and melodic experimentation of the trio’s latest tune, “Ice Cream (feat. Matias Aguayo),” and this crazy music video for the song follows suit. The director—who apparently goes by the name of Canada—splices together footage of all sorts of randomness and weirdness (i.e. drenched cats, bros doing a beer bong, silly dances, people making out, a karate fight, people licking all kinds of things they shouldn’t lick) with footage of the three-piece doing its ‘musical geniuses’ thing and Aguayo doing his ‘weirdo singer’ thing. If you’re not already bursting with anticipation for the release of Battles’ new Gloss Drop LP, via Warp on June 7, this just might put you over the edge.