The folks at Ninja Tune dropped us a line to share the new video for “The Music Scene,” the title track from NYC hip-hop producer Blockhead‘s album from late last year. The clip features some really excellent psychedelic animation—think Dr. Seuss—courtesy of Anthony Schepperd, but we must admit that it does bring to mind a video from our younger days. Although the Blockhead video is undeniably sunnier, does anyone else remember Pearl Jam‘s Todd McFarlane-inked video for “Do the Evolution” from 1998? It was the band’s first video since “Jeremy.” (We swear this was a big deal at the time.)

See? Both videos are animated and have lots of animals! We’re not that off base, are we? Anyways, latent teenage fanboy grunge nerdery aside, Ninja Tune has made the Blockhead video available for download here along with a snippet of “Ugly Brown,” a new Blockhead track slated to appear later this year on the forthcoming Ninja Tune XX box set. But act fast, as the download is only available for the next five days.