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There’s not a lot of information out there about Clive Tanaka. He’s from Hokkaido, Japan. He makes music both alone and with the help of his “orquesta.” (That’s Spanish for orchestra.) He’s just unveiled Jet Set Siempre 1º, a cassette-only release with two parts, “For Dance” and “For Romance.” As for the music, it doesn’t really fit in with any particular scene, but it sure is delightful. “Neu Chicago” is a breezy slice of pop with just enough disco bounce to get your toe tapping, and the video is even better. Although it might be mistaken at first for just another found-footage collage, the whole thing is brand new and features some amusing stop-motion work with vintage toys and action figures. Both the music and video are marked by a real sense of childlike innocence, which only ups the enjoyment level.

Jet Set Siempre 1º is available now on cassette and will be available in vinyl and digital formats on January 11, 2011 via Tall Corn Music.