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Nabbed off of The Wire, this music video for Demdike Stare‘s unreleased “Violetta” was crafted by Jonny Redman, a man who runs a website dedicated to European cult films called LoveLockAndLoad. Quite frankly, we couldn’t think of a better suited cinephile to splice together footage to pair with the crate-digging duo’s intriguingly esoteric music, as Redman’s piece ever so perfectly proves. We’re not normally into found-footage music videos, but the sinister and erratic VHS images somehow seem to be the only appropriate look for Demdike Stare’s music—the director’s curatorial expertise certainly doesn’t hurt either. And how about the clattering, ominous track that writhes underneath it all? It reminds us of how awesome the podcast Demdike Stare just dropped on XLR8R is, and how we hope there’s more new music on the way from the Manchester pair soon.