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We just caught this video for the brand-new single from Pilooski’s side-project, Discodeine. The bubbly track, “Synchronize,” just so happens to feature the vocal talents of Pulp main-man Jarvis Cocker, and after our initial viewing of the music video we can ascertain that a girl freaks out in the shower, another scantily clad female gets a tattoo from an elusive male, Cocker watches a lot of TV, and the whole thing takes place in a few strangely lit rooms. We’re sure there’s more to this slick-looking piece by director JF Julian, but at first glance, it just seems like business as usual at the Bates Motel. It’s a strange vibe to pair with Discodeine’s upbeat dancefloor heater, which is out now via DFA and Pilooski’s own Dirty label, but we always welcome strange with open ears and eyes. And make sure to keep your eyes open for Discodeine’s full-length album, which hits the internet next month, courtesy of French label Pschent.