In this new video from Fatima Al Qadiri, director Sophia Al-Maria inter-splices various clips of Middle Eastern culture in London, including a sexualized form of dancing known as Ma’alaya, to create a collage which ostensibly shows an Arab perspective of London-as-Babylon. The fancy cars, public housing projects, and dancing girls show the London dream of heathen sensuality and indulgence, and, as is customary with found-footage videos, the clip also contains altered colors and superimposed shapes, along with an array of strobing and kaleidoscopic effects. The song originally appeared on Al-Qadiri’s excellent Genre-Specfic Xperience EP, and the video comes ahead of a Genre-Specfic Xperience remix package set for release on March 27, which will include reworks from Kingdom, Girl Unit, Ikonika, DJ Rashad, and more.