It’s always odd to hear a song and think, “this is really cool,” but then also realize that it’s something your mom might like. “Vatican Vibes” by New York’s Fatima Al Qadiri—who also records as Ayshay—is one of those tunes. On the one hand, it’s a slow-burning jam that pairs inventive drum-machine percussion with haunting synths, steel-drum melodies, and a decidedly futuristic vibe. On the other hand, it’s not that far from being the 2011 version of Chant. Admittedly, that makes “Vatican Vibes” sort of simultaneously tacky and awesome, but the song’s video definitely falls into the latter category. Part video game commercial, part movie trailer, part retro-futuristic, Lawnmower Man-style journey, it’s an impressive clip that nicely compliments the track’s foreboding feel. “Vatican Vibes” is taken from her upcoming Genre-Specific Xperience EP, which will be released on October 25 via the UNO label. (via FADER)