Philadelphia DJ/producer King Britt has had a long and varied career over the years, but his most recent production alias, the curiously named Fhloston Paradigm, sees Britt returning to an analog-centric approach and indulging in his love of science-fiction movies and afro-futurism. Back in 2012, a few Fhloston Paradigm tracks caught the ear of ever-present Hyperdub label head Kode9, which resulted in the King Britt Presents Fhloston Paradigm EP. Now, Britt has shared an earthy, saturated video for that record’s bass-heavy, minimal “Chasing Rainbows” tune, a piece which heightens the production’s gloomy tension and adds depth to its dark atmosphere. Flipping between scenes of a dancing nomad, a gas mask-wearing woman collecting sticks in the forest, and flashes of urban imagery, the video’s subtle commentary on the potential dangers of modern life are bolstered by Britt’s ominous, slow-moving bassline and the hyperactive drums echoing into the darkness. Paired together, the visuals and music coalesce into an experience that removes the certainty of the concrete below us, reminding viewers of the primal within.