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Antony Barkworth-Knight, the director behind V.C.‘s video for “Superfluid,” has flexed his talents once again with an animation for Barcelona-based producer Fitzroy North. The upside-down numbers in the bottom-left-hand corner of the clip for “White Paint” count each and every frame Barkworth-Knight tackled with his pen as he used a rotoscoping technique to animate the video. After drawing over every other live-action frame, the artist reached a grand total of 2,232 painstakingly documented movements, all of which depict a dance choreographed and performed by Manchester-based actor Cathy Shiel. As she frolicks from frame to frame throughout the video’s adorably handcrafted three minutes, Fitzroy North’s tune boasts moments of colorful maximalism and plenty of squishy midrange bass over its crunchy beats.