Steven Julien (a.k.a. Funkineven) shared news with us earlier this month about a brand-new single he plans to drop later this year via Floating Points’ UK imprint, Eglo. Though we still have to wait until July 18 for that 12″, we’re now treated to a music video for the pulsating “Roland’s Jam.” The b-movie-inspired clip features Julien and his friend/collaborator Fatima acting out a sort of psychedelic day in the life of the tune’s namesake, Roland Wolfman. Other than that, we’re not entirely sure what happens during the video’s nearly seven-minute runtime. There are plenty of shots of Roland walking about in slick duds with a drum machine in one hand and a sequencer in the other, and we think he goes to a club at some point and eats some eyeballs. To be honest, the VHS footage isn’t the only thing that’s unclear here, but we don’t think it’ll take away from your enjoyment of Funkineven’s nostalgic images and sounds.