After an eight-year hiatus, Jackson Fourgeaud’s electro-touched alias, Jackson and His Computerband, is back this week with the release of its sophomore LP for Warp, Glow. To mark the occasion, the producer unveiled a video for “Dead Living Things”, an album cut featuring vocals from Planningtorock. The visual piece is a morbid dinner party seen from a variety of film noir perspectives, all of which pairs well with the track’s ominous synth growls and classy, daydream vocals. Director Alexandre Court├Ęs, who has crafted videos for artists like Daft Punk and Justice, says of his latest endeavor, “This project is a direct reference to the works of Fellini and David Lynch. It is a juxtaposition of life scenes and actions that have nothing to do with each other in particular, that however create a fantastic dynamic and resolutely surreal experience.”