South Africa isn’t necessarily the first place you think of when it comes to bass music hybrids, but John Wizards, the new project from producer John Withers, is making a compelling case with its upcoming self-titled LP for Planet Mu. On album cut “Lusaka By Night,” the five-piece band melds the warm, traditional South African sounds that have been steadily creeping into the vernacular of popular music with the potent low-end bite of bass music. The song’s accompany visuals proudly embrace the music’s playful vibe with hand-drawn animations that seem to have come from a hyperactive child’s imagination. Shimmering, auto-tuned vocals add a level of detail and airiness as they bounce over rhythmic guitars and a tight, sputtering bass—the combination of which feels like swinging in a hammock over a subwoofer. John Wizards’ LP is set to drop on September 2, but its tracklist and artwork can be perused before then, below.

01 Tet Lek Schrempf
02 Lusaka By Night
03 Limpop
04 Muizenberg
05 iYongwe
06 Finally / Jet Up
07 Maria
08 Jabu Ley
09 Jamieo
11 Durvs
12 I’m Still A Serious Guy
13 Hogsback
14 Lushoto
15 Friend