After popping up on Styles Upon Styles‘ first compilation at the end of last year, Melbourne-based producer Kloke (a.k.a Andy Donnely) is set to drop his six-song Sea Levels record via the Brooklyn label on April 21, and has sent over an experimental video for EP cut “Ritual” to give us a taste of its sounds. Filmed and directed by Jordan Levie, the hypnotizing piece was created using food coloring and oil-based paints, featuring close-up shots of the bright colors gently cascading through water before switching to a dark red mixture in the final quarter of the video. The ethereal visuals are appropriately coupled with “Ritual”‘s floating rhythm, soporific bass frequencies, and dripping ambient noises, all of which keep an even-tempered pace throughout the entire tune.

More information about Kloke’s Sea Levels EP can be found here, and its tracklist and artwork is included below.

1. Deep City
2. Mayfield
3. Ritual
4. Room With a View
5. Flood
6. Unlearning