Dubstep collective LHF has released a video for “Akashic Visions,” one of the tracks from its upcoming debut album, the double-disc Keepers of the Light. The video, directed by Skely Tor, pieces together found footage focusing on tribal ritual, space exploration, and club culture. This other-worldly collage keeps in line with the air of mystery that LHF has so far managed to maintain through its first three EPs. Those three EPs and more will be represented on Keepers of the Light, which drops via Keysound on April 2. Check the artwork and tracklist below.

1. Secret Lagoon
2. Steelz
3. Candy Rain
4. Sunset (Mumbai Slum Edition)
5. Essence Investigation
6. Supreme Architecture
7. LDN
8. Rush
9. Questions
10. Blue Steel
11. Simple Things
12. Low Maintenance

1. Strangelands
2. From Whence We Came
3. Broken Glass
4. Indian Street Slang
5. Fairytales
6. Akashic Visions
7. Hidden Life Force 2
8. No Worries
9. Bass 2 Dark
10. Chamber Of Light
11. Inferno
12. Deep Life
13. Voyages
14. One Toke Wonder