Travis Stewart, the restless Berlin producer known as Machinedrum, has been making various strains of electronic music since 1999, and is set to add to his prolific career with the September 23 release of Vapor City, a 10-track LP for Ninja Tune. “Eyesdontlie,” the album’s first single, has already been receiving a healthy dose of critical acclaim—it was named an XLR8R Pick just last week—and now has a stark, futuristic visual accompaniment, courtesy of enigmatic visual artist Weirdcore. To make his piece, the director sequenced the images using the track’s MIDI data and stems, the results of which feel like taking a peek into a computer’s subconscious—quick-moving pixelated imagery, neon flashing lights, and disorienting geometric patterns all coalesce into a digital fever dream. Not far removed from the disturbing world of Gasper Noe’s controversial Enter the Void, the video for “Eyesdontlie” is an intriguing piece of visual stimulation that only further heightens the anticipation for Machinedrum’s upcoming full-length.