Chilean-born, Berlin-based DJ/producer Matias Aguayo released The Visitor, his third full-length record, earlier this year, subsequently taking his playful, vocal-driven techno on the road, a process he detailed in full in our recent From Studio to Stage feature. Now, to celebrate a recent slew of high-profile shows—including his Japanese debut this week—Aguayo has shared a new video for “El Sucu Tucu,” a particularly buoyant cut from his latest LP. The video for the track—which was also included on the Soulwax FM station in the just-released Grand Theft Auto V—finds the artist peering cautiously through an array of jungle brush as his own chanting vocals are pushed forward by a steady, driving pulse. The bright colors and sweltering cuts of the visuals echo the tropical, blood-stirring arrangement of “El Sucu Tucu,” reminding us Aguayo’s range and bold eclecticism.