The clip for Maxmillion Dunbar‘s gorgeous second single, “Loving the Drift,” is as much a labor of love as the song itself. Dunbar has been honing his sound as half of Beautiful Swimmers and as a solo artist, with the majority of his forthcoming album House of Woo being recorded alongside his girlfriend. There’s an unimpeachable sensuality running through “Loving the Drift,” as Dunbar never lets his windswept synth work fully take off; instead, it teases, leers, and stays afloat only thanks to the production’s lofty bassline and some freaky 909 drum work.

Matching the sounds, the visuals for “Loving the Drift”—crafted by New York-based artist/curator Aurora Halal—break the song out from behind closed doors, but only to a point. In a spray of shifting colors and disembodied dancers, Halal’s piece “offers the point of view from one person’s psychedelic and disorienting but warm personal journey in a public place.” House of Woo is out on February 19 via RVNG Intl, and you can check out its first single, “Woo,” here.