At this point, we’re not even really bothered that Wiley has apparently reused his lyrics from this tune he did with MJ Cole on Prodigal‘s Showa Eski Riddim (you can hear that here). The flow is excellent, it works perfectly on both tracks, and besides, people constantly reuse ideas—and to great effect. Like on this video for Cole’s and Wiley’s collaborative track, “From the Drop,” sometimes it’s just best to stick to what you know. Why muck up a solid tune with a video full of plot and high-quality special effects when you can just grab a handful of serious babes and make them dance in front of a strobe light? Throw in some creepy, Taliban-looking dudes, get a couple blips of the guy that made the song, maybe get the babes soggy at some point, and blammo!—you’ve got a good-looking video built with some pretty basic ideas. Props to recycling.