Last month, Berlin duo Modeselektor released Monkeytown, its third LP and just one of many things the pair discussed in its lengthy recent conversation with fellow electronic-music veteran Martyn. Now, the guys have unveiled the album’s first video. “Shipwreck” is also the first single from Monkeytown, and features the vocal contributions of Radiohead frontman and long-time collaborator Thom Yorke. Directed by Tony “Truand” Datis, the clip depicts a little boy and his attempt to survive in a post-apocalyptic world. It’s kind of like a well-soundtracked version of The Road or The Walking Dead, although we can’t tell if the other people in the video are supposed to be cannibals or zombies or just plain-old humans. There’s also a big dog in the mix. The “Shipwreck” single will be released on November 4; the artwork and tracklist is below.

1. Shipwreck (Radio Edit)
2. Dull Hull (Edit V7)