London natives My Panda Shall Fly and Benjamin Jackson have just put out a video for “Data-Module,” one of the beatwise tracks featured on their collaborative EP, Let’s Vibrate Together (you can stream it in full here), which was released back in February via Five Easy Pieces. Directed by My Panda Shall Fly and Nic Wilson, the trippy and brash video takes viewers on a journey through a world of colorful visuals and 3-D models that can reasonably be compared to watching the screensaver on an old PC running Windows ’98 while on psychedelics. Floating, rotating arches, compact discs, splashes of color, and checkerboard walkways seem to materialize from the colorful aether, morphing and warping to the steady tempo and synth squelches. It drips with ’90s-CGI kitsch, but when paired with the soundtrack of futuristic synth lines and 808s, the all-out assault of color is oddly fitting.