Combining modern dance and calculated light technology, Nosaj Thing‘s music video for the first single from his forthcoming Home LP, “Eclipse/Blue”, is somewhat of an emotive spectacle. Directed by artist Daito Manabe, the piece features two dancers surrounded by lights that react to their movements. The visual side of “Eclipse/Blue” is powerfully dark, though it matches the feather-light vocals of Blonde Redhead’s Kazu Makino as the dancers’ movements are highlighted only by Manabe’s brilliantly colorful light projections. In an interview with The Creators Project, Manaba says he was inspired by the song’s title and the concept of a solar eclipse, so the dancers in the video are positioned in the same fashion as an eclipse (“projector—dancer—screen”). The “Eclipse/Blue” single is out now via Innovative Leisure, and will also be released as part of Home on January 22.