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We’d have to say it’s not often (if ever) that we see a video made for a remix of a song, but seeing as how LA producer Nosaj Thing had a whole album of the damn things crafted and released on behalf of his Drift LP, a video made up for one of those cuts is certainly warranted. Good thing it’s a nice looking one, too. While a menacing rework of Nosaj Thing’s “Us” track by UK producer Jon Hopkins plays out its sinister beats and bass, some equally disturbing images are presented by directors Anthony Ciannamea and Mark Wisniowski. Strangely, what at first appears to be close-up shots of a murderous witchdoctor working on an unknown concoction of sorts is revealed to be something far less evil and much more appetizing. And if Hopkins’ accompanying production appeals enough to you, you can stream and download the track in the player below. (via 92BPM)

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