Although it was a “long, strange trip” for Brooklyn’s Dre Skull to become a dancehall producer, his work in that field has always made him sound like a natural. The tunesmith’s latest release, Loudspeaker Riddim, earned him XLR8R Pick honors back in May, and he continues his winning streak with a video for “The System,” Popcaan‘s vocal-version of Dre Skull’s firey riddim. As Dre Skull explains in a recent column he wrote for Vice, “The System” was originally meant to feature the vocal stylings of Natalie Storm, but Popcaan’s “epic, heartfelt song about the struggles of ghetto youth” won him over. The video was shot to look like a single take shot on location in Kingston, and features Popcaan and his fitted-cap-wearing crew strolling through a lively shantytown.