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Irish producer Bosco McAlinden has appeared on XLR8R twice before (that we know of, anyway), under his juke-leaning guise CL Moons and his more hip-hop-indebted moniker SertOne, but the guy is far more prolific than those two posts may let on. For instance: The artist’s latest project is a production outfit with Liverpool’s Bolts, called Almighty Sion. The duo is set to release its The Beat Generation album late next month via Original Cultures, but has shared this Feel Good Lost-directed video ahead of time to give us an idea of what’s in store.

The five-and-a-half-minute piece is chock full of found sound and archival footage, both of which have been edited and altered by the featured artists into something altogether fresh and enticing. SertOne’s and Bolts’ nod-worthy production quite directly harkens back to the stripped-down, soulful beatwork of J Dilla—entirely appropriate for this time of year—while director Brendan Canty’s visuals are nostalgic and romantic in equal strides. What’s more: Almighty Sion has also delivered an edit of the title track from Flying Lotus’ most recent LP, which you can stream and download for free below.