Yesterday, Madison producer Chants released a seven-song EP, Night After, through New York’s Dutty Artz imprint. This colorful clip accompanies the EP’s somewhat moody title track, and exhibits a sort of journey akin to Dr. David Bowman’s surreal trip to Jupiter in 2001: A Space Oddyssey, albeit with a dancing washed-out woman and a flickering moon added in for good measure. For an experience more closely recalling your most recent adventure on DMT, check out the 3D version of the clip here. You can find the artwork and tracklisting for the Night After EP, which is out now, below.

1. Night After
2. Ice Harvesting
3. Caduceus
4. Radial Lights
5. Night After Night (Old Money Remix)
6. Night After (L?tic Remix)
7. Night After (adopahighway Remix)