DJ/producer Chesus has just unveiled the video for the title track off his new Goodfoot EP for Doc Daneeka’s Ten Thousand Yen label, a track which features labelmate Didz and Cardiff’s The Organ Grinder. Although this name may be unfamiliar to some, Chesus is far from an up-and-comer; he’s a diverse and prolific Welsh artist who may be best known as the “C” from garage-obsessed quartet C.R.S.T., among many other collaborative projects. But the producer’s forthcoming solo EP is actually rooted in the sounds of classic ’90s diva-house; his new video seems like a relic from the past, too, as it’s full of hoverboard scenes from Back to The Future II interspersed with cheap neon-graphics and designs. After checking out the vintage sights and sounds, make sure to preview more bits of Chesus’ Goodfoot EP before it drops on November 19, below.