This sensual and slightly disconcerting video comes courtesy of Frankfurt artist Christian Loeffler, whose debut LP A Forest will soon be out via his own Ki imprint. Lead single “Blind” is a heart-wrenching blend of ambient pads, rolling percussion, and softly distorted bass that doesn’t shy away from drama, but rather embraces its emotional intensity with distant coos and an elegiac, wandering atmosphere. The accompanying video is in fact an “esoteric dance film,” shot with a keen eye for early morning tranquility and seeing the human body as an art form. Following a series of women as they meander drowsily through graffiti-streaked cityscapes and sun-pierced foliage, the Natasha Todd-helmed production makes for a nice companion piece to Loeffler’s organic and sentimental take on dance music. A Forest will be available on June 18, but you can take a look at the cover art and tracklist before then, below.

01. A Forest
02. Pale Skin
03. Eleven feat. Mohna
04. Ash & Snow
05. Feelharmonia feat. Gry
06. Signals
07. Blind
08. Eisberg (Hemal)
09. Field
10. Swift Code feat. Marcus Roloff
11. A Hundred Lights
12. Slowlights