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Here, we get the first look at the brand-new video from Japan’s electronically inclined singer/songwriter/producer Clive Tanaka. The tune, “Lonely for the Highscrapers,” is taken from his recently released album for the Tall Corn label, Jet Set Siempre No. 1—which was once only available on cassette, but can now be found on digital and vinyl formats. Director Brandon Domer pairs Tanaka’s homespun electronic pop with some equally precious and homemade VHS footage of children frolicking about in amusement parks, playgrounds, beaches, and other sunny, carefree locales, all delivered under the banner of 1987 Florida Vacation. The song and video carry a strong sense of nostalgia with them, as they both seem to look towards the simpler times of childhood for inspiration, and simultaneously remind us of our own youthful days.