Signed to Gilles Petereson’s Brownswood label, London-based wordsmith Ghostpoet will deliver his first full-length record, Peanut Butter Blues & Melancholy Jam, through that imprint come February 7, 2011. The first single to be heard from that record is the poignant “Cash and Carry Me,” the video for which we’re premiering today. The MC’s slurred rasp is delivered with a lackadaisical fervor, sounding at times like a mix between Mos Def’s halfhearted croon and Tunde Adebimpe on quaaludes, but it’s an endearing sound that fits the track’s sullen melodies, too. The video itself is equally dark and flashy. Close ups of Ghostpoet rhyming in the shadows are joined by slick computer graphics, a few choice props, and simple-but-effective lighting effects—allowing the focus to remain mostly on his excellent tune.