If you’re still not sure what to be for Halloween, then this video may have your answer. UK house-and-garage maestro Hint has just debuted an adequately creepy video for his new tune with grime MC Profisee, “Watch The Media.” You may recognize the tune, as it originally appeared as part of Hint’s Daily Intake LP (which also featured a collaboration with garage veteran Zed Bias), though it’ll soon be released as part of the Daily Intake Remix EP on December 10 via Tru Thoughts, too. The video for “Watch the Media”— like Hint’s percussive-driven production work—is straight-forward and simple. Featuring eemingly ordinary UK citizens sternly posed against delicate, picturesque scenery, the piece grows increasingly menacing as the people stoicly rap along to with Profisee’s fiery verses with the help of an anonymous man, who is calmly operating one hell of an unsettling ventriloquist dummy mask.