It’s been awhile since we’ve heard from Irish beatmaker MMoths, but in the year since he shared “Summer,” the 18-year-old beatmaker has added an extra “M” to his moniker and put the finishing touches on a proper debut EP. The five-song, self-titled effort won’t be released until March 6, but this expansive clip for EP cut “THNX” has been unveiled in the meantime. The video was crafted by Feel Good Lost, the same production crew behind recent pieces for Sun Glitters “High” and Ambassadeurs “M.O.P.E.” For “THNX,” the directors have done some interesting mirror work while highlighting the beauty of nature’s subtle movements, from waves on a beach to mist rising over a field. It’s a gorgeous video, and one that pairs nicely with the song’s wandering melodies and pensive feel.