As long standing Portugese production duo Octa Push readies its first UK tour in late March and a live set for Boiler Room Libson on January 17, we’re treated to a premiere of the video for the group’s “Please, Please, Please” single from its debut full-length Oito. The piece for Octa Push’s bright, Afrobeat-inspired tune was produced by UK team IDoublesI, and provides an over-the-top, unsettling, and humorous insight into the world of consumer advertising. It uses a notably varied color palette, which works well to emphasize the glistening qualities of the marimba-led beat and sensual vocal accents from Catarina Moreno. Octa Push’s “Please, Please, Please” single will be released on February 10 via Senseless, featuring remixes from The Playground affiliate Molo, who just recently produced a fantastic remix for Theo Parrish, and an as-yet-undisclosed remix from a “one of the UK’s best new producers” under a different alias.