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Sullen Tone is a new imprint started by the mysterious Old Apparatus duo, whose releases last year for Mala‘s Deep Medi stable were some of the more haunting, visceral dub emissions to surface as of late. To inaugurate its new label, the production outfit is putting out a four-track EP on July 16, entitled Derren, which is preceded by this mesmerizing, somnambulate video for the title track. “Derren” is a soft, pastoral composition that is utterly saturated with washes of hiss and tape warmth; it’s a far cry from the menacing heft of Old Apparatus’ earlier work, but still retains their trademark two-step rhythms and spacious sound design. What appears to be color-rich MRI images splitting and spiraling in time with the melancholic guitar tones and oscillating vocals morphs constantly into new shapes and substances, never settling into a common camera angle or stationary visual.