Following last month’s release of Basic, Patrick Holland’s debut record as Project Pablo for Hybridity, the Vancouver-based artist and ASL Singles Club co-founder has revealed the video for lead cut “Holdin’ On.” Produced by local media artist Strawberry Jacuzzi (a.k.a. Kyle Bowman), the video juxtaposes glitchy images of ancient rituals with UFO sightings, contemporary violence, and early rave aesthetics, and works seamlessly with the track itself—a mixed analog and digital collage set to a shuffling, 2-step beat and chromatic, criss-crossing synth lines. According to the accompanying text, the video isn’t intended as political commentary, rather as “a visual stimulating an alien perspective of the human practice and consciousness of rhythm, movement, age, appearance, darkness, and light.”

A bonus track from the EP, “Toothpaste,” is also available for download via XLR8Rhere.