African-born, veteran producer Philippe Quenum (a.k.a. Quenum) moved to London in the ’80s, learned to DJ and produce, and evenutally founded the successful Cadenza label with Swiss-Chilean artist Luciano. Coinciding with Quenum’s recently released Face to Face EP (not to mention an album by the same title which is out next week via Serialism), the producer has shared a (literally) bouncy video for London DJ Cassy‘s remix of the title track. Directed by Fernanda Mattos and Federica Marchese (a.k.a. False Manners Productions), the brightly saturated visuals show a woman jumping down the street on a fitness ball, gradually inspiring onlookers to join her in an exercise conga line around the city that leads to a Quenum-hosted dance party. Cassy’s remix, similar to her XLR8R Pick’d Fabric 71 mix album from this year, is high on energy and pure pleasure, delivering buoyant, immense house rhythms and an indelible vocal sample.