It’s especially satisfying when a music video pairs perfectly with its accompanying track, so it makes perfect sense to discover that Dutch producer Torus (a.k.a. Joeri Woudstra) pulled double duty with “Feeel”—producing the slowly unfolding tune and creating the warped, animated visuals that it inhabits. Set to be released as a marbled-vinyl 7” and digital package on November 18 via blog/label Sonic Router, “Feeel” is a mesmerizing take on beat music, as if Woudstra has managed to slow down the hands of time with just a few warm synth pads and unobtrusive percussion elements. It wouldn’t be hard to mistake the video’s outset for a Windows ’98 promo clip, but then it slowly pulls backwards through a low-budget, Salvador Dali-esque landscape before stopping to reveal a single sheet of paper floating before a real-life wooded scene. Perhaps it’s no coincidence that the song clocks in at exactly 4:20, as if Torus is calmly seducing the listener to fall into the warm waters of the dream world he’s created for “Feeel.”