Popping onto the scene back in December with their well-received Sauna EP on R&S, Surrey, England’s Vondelpark has managed to find itself a niche somewhere in the continuum of vocal post-dubstep that Boomkat has dubbed “emo garage.” Bizarre genre descriptors aside, fans of the project will be happy to know that the so-far uncontested emo-garage titans are back with a new five-song EP due in July, entitled nyc stuff and nyc bags. As a teaser, R&S has offered up a video for the ethereal “Camels,” which evokes a somber yet sensuous aural mood with soulful vocals and blurry atmospherics. Visually, the work probably won’t win any awards for its choreography, but the washed-out textures, charmingly bad dancing, and occasional lens flare complements the music’s vibe in an odd but appropriate way.