Top-notch DJs, in-demand remixers, and currently running one of the most forward-thinking dance music labels out there, Sound Pellegrino label dons Teki Latex and Orgasmic have built quite a reputation for themselves in the two years they’ve been active. However, the apparent absence of original material from the duo has been a little conspicuous. Enter “Bass Face,” the pair’s brand-new, debut single. Representing the first original release from the Sound Pellegrino Thermal Team (a moniker previously reserved for Teki Latex’s and Orgasmic’s back-to-back DJ sets), “Bass Face” is as cheeky a song as its name suggests. Teki Latex perfectly describes the premise in the press release: “Trapped in a mind-dimension strip club, controlled by a bionic wizard robot rendition of Jermaine Dupri, Orgasmic displays iPad lazers and 808-fueled riddims while I order my troops to show me their “bass face” if they want to get out of there alive.” If that isn’t clear enough, the duo went ahead and made a video that tackles the imagery perfectly, which you can check out up above. “Bass Face” is out now backed with a b-side homage to Larry David, called “Pretty Pretty Good.”