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While we’re over here at XLR8R HQ compiling, revising, and fine-tuning out year-end favorites lists, DFA just goes ahead and drops a new video for The Crystal Ark‘s massive “The City Never Sleeps” track on our lap, like we don’t already have enough on our minds. But we’re not too bothered by it, and now we might have to amend our Favorite Videos of 2010 list to include this well-made clip. While producer Gavin Russom and vocalist Viva Ruiz, who also directed the piece, sit amongst vintage equipment, sing in a bath of light, and dance around like they’re part of a religious ceremony, a handful of New York’s sleepless people come to find themselves in the company of some sort of celestial being, who then transforms them into… Well, you’ll have to see for yourself, but between the psychedelic visual effects, awesome costumes, and overall high production values, this is definitely a video worth your time—whether it’s best-of material or not. (via FADER)