Following the release of his Salton Sea album and ahead of his new EP for Friends of Friends, Came to the Party, Danish producer Tomas Barfod has dropped a brand-new video for album cut “November Skies.” The busy artist’s glitchy clip arrives courtesy of the filmmakers at The Great Nordic Sword Fights, who present warped and lo-fi animations of a floating man experiencing all sorts of psychedelic hallucinations, sort of like a digitized DMT trip. Watch the colorful piece for Barfod’s bouncy tune above, and check out the details of his forthcoming record—which features remixes from Salva, Mark E, and Suzanne Kraft and is out on June 12—below. (via Gorilla vs. Bear)

1. Came To Party
2. Hyperion
3. Came To Party (Salva Remix)
4. Came To Party (Suzanne Kraft Remix)
5. Came To Party (Mark E Remix)