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Primate, the debut album to come from Berlin-based sound artist Tommy Four Seven (out at the end of this month via CLR), takes an interesting and relatively fresh approach to the well-traversed genre of techno. The up-and-coming producer forwent the usual course of re-working drum samples and handmade synth tones to flesh out his compositions, and instead created his own library of sounds, which was built from field recordings made throughout his daily life and intricately crafted vocal melodies. Here, we have the vaguely dystopic video for one such piece, called “G.” The clip is the brainchild of filmmakers Trevor Jacobson and Tanya Goehring (a.k.a. The Automatic Message), and features a man who seems to be inexplicably drawn to a sort of bus shelter filled with civilians donning a variety of gas masks. We really can’t explain much more than that, but we can say the bleak, impressionistic nature of the video fits quite well with Tommy Four Seven’s brooding and disquieting music. You can check out the artwork and tracklist for Primate below.

01. Sevals
02. Talus
03. G
04. Ratu
05. Track 5
06. CH4
07. Snout
08. Verge
09. Armed 3

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