We imagine this is what Alexis Taylor (and probably the rest of the Hot Chip bunch) would look and sound like if he was about 20 years younger and kept making tortured white-boy dance-pop tunes. That’s not necessarily a dig at Taylor or Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs (a.k.a. Orlando Higginbottom), though the comparison remains even in the kind of precious imagery—such as funny hats, sullen looks, and brightly colored shapes—used in this piece for “Household Goods.” It’s not quite as darling as the last TEED video, but we still can’t help but wonder exactly what age/gender the video is aimed at. Still, like those thankless parents that take their whining kids to see the latest animated Pixar blockbuster, there are certainly enough “grown-up” sights and sounds in this one to keep most of our cynicism at bay.