Last year, Bay Area producers and frequent collaborators Vin Sol and Matrixxman made a splash with a white-label 12″ that, ironically enough, their names didn’t even appear on. The record in question included house reworks of two tracks by iconic UK singer Sade (“Couldn’t Love You More” and “Give It Up”) and quickly garnered support from a wide variety of DJs. Having struck such a strong chord, it’s not much of a surprise that Vin Sol and Matrixxman have put together a follow-up effort (artwork above), which is set to appear this week. This time around, the vinyl will include retooled versions of Sade’s “Never Thought” and “Love Is Stronger.” The record is scheduled to drop on March 20, and can be ordered through Phonica, which also has preview clips available. Based on those snippets, it seems that “Love Is Stronger” follows in the same relaxed vein as the first 12″, but “Never Thought” finds the two producers combining Sade’s sultry pipes with a muscular bassline and some acid house flirtations.