Vin Sol will release a new EP on Honey Soundsytem, titled Moonchild.

According to the label, they have rejected “killer track after killer track” from the San Francisco native. “There is no artist in the history of our label that we have given a harder time to than Vin Sol,” they add. “We finally made our peace, and selected the four tracks that encompass the Moonchild EP you have here…”

Vin Sol is a long time friend of the label with previous releases on Rhythm Nation, Nonplus, and Ultramajic.

The EP is said to read “like a metaphor for the two sides of the city where it was made.” The two openers, “Moonchild” and “Electrical Storms,” “reminisce the mystical and spiritual love affair San Francisco has had since the ’60s while “Patronize” and Bondage Taped” reference “the sexually adventurous side the city indoctrinates to all its visitors.”


01. Moonchild
02. Electrical Storms
03. Patronize
04. Bondage Taped

Moonchild is scheduled for October 13 release, with clips below.