Vincent Oliver’s catalog consists of only a few releases, but everything this new producer whips up is as engaging as it is promising of a soon-to-be revered career. Now’s the chance to check his progress with this second EP, appropriately titled EP 2.

There is of course an EP 1, Drunk Fun, and a notable remix of Nathan Fake’s “Long Sunny” (Oliver played guitar on the original). The uninitiated should know that this young producer’s tracks fall somewhere between the sincere and loosely structured art-pop of Arab Strap, the romantic bliss of Spiritualized, and the indie-glitch spirit possessed by The Postal Service.

The London-based multi-instrumentalist is another addition to Lo Recordings’ slightly more experimental sub-label LOAF, alongside new-school acts like Kid Twist, The Girls, and Feathers–all of whom have had no trouble pushing beyond electronic music’s slowly dissolving boundaries by combining weird folk, demented electro, and lo-fi pop (that’s strange even by Lo’s standards).

Olivier doesn’t exactly have some grand theme or thesis, but if this is what a brainstorming-and-refining process sounds like, then the final product should be quite a show.

EP 2 is out June 18, 2007 on Lo.

1. Buckets of Hens Feathers
2. I Want it All
3. Her Doorbell
4. Clouds in the Head
5. Outro